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What criteria to be a surrogate mother from legal and medical perspective?

All surrogate mothers from 20 to 35 years old, without cesarean section, having at least one healthy child, mentally healthy, without a previous conviction. Examined by order No. 107   of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

How long will the matching cycle take?

Usually within a month. But depends on customer requirements.

Whether the surrogate mother’s profiles to be reviewed by the intended parents in advance?


How long will it take from the successful match to the embryo transfer?

On average, after the surrogate mother is approved, 1-1.5 months pass before the transfer.

What should the intended parents need to do and sign in terms of any legal document?

Agreement with the agency and an information letter on consent to the IVF procedure in the clinic.

How to supervise the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy? Whether intended parents can receive the obstetrics reports every month?

The personal coordinator accompanies her to the surrogate mother’s doctor’s appointment, after each reception the curator sends the admission report, conclusions, tests, ultrasound to the agency, everything that will be interesting to the parents. This happens more often than once a month.

As for the surrogate part, does the lawyer need to take part in? If yes , what’s the process?

A lawyer has been involved in the program since its inception. He checks the availability of all necessary documents, their authenticity and validity, draws up a contract, and if the parents are not married, the child’s birth certificate is obtained through the court.

What kind of service does the surrogacy agency provide during the whole process?

Selection of potential surrogate mother, control of the entire process before transferring surrogacy and after, monitoring and management of surrogacy pregnancy, full medical support for surrogacy, payments to a surrogate mother, escorting a surrogate mother for childbirth, obtaining a birth certificate, reporting to bio-parents for the whole program.

How to handle the losses for the intended parent If the surrogate betrays the agreement or quits midway?

If termination of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy is made on other grounds, the Agency shall return all monetary fund’s paid by the genetic parents minus cost of the package of services on preparation of the surrogate mother for participation in the program  and cost of management of pregnancy up to the moment of its termination, on the basis of the weekly cost of implementation of the program.

How to ensure that surrogate mothers do not compete for custody of the babies?

Agreement on surrogacy, where its duties are stated. Such situations have never been.