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Everyone has the right to feel happiness of being a mother or a father, even though it’s limited by nature or impossible because of the health status.Sometimes surrogacy is the only chance for many couples and singles to implement their will to have children.

The most important decision taken at this very moment is to choose a competent and responsible mediator and a country where the program will be fulfilled. You have to pay attention to the mediator experience and professional competence and ensure the domestic laws also permit surrogacy for foreign couples and singles.

Russian legislation in the surrogate motherhood is one of the most tolerant in the world (we can compare it only with some states of the USA). Surrogacy is regulated by Family Code and some health-related laws. There are international reproductive clinics with very high success level in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  Surrogacy program in Russia is financially attractive for European clients and it half the price of the same program in the USA.

Surrogacy center VitroBaby which is situated in Russian cultural capital Saint Petersburg has exceled at providing all-inclusive accommodation and offers a wide range of high-quality services for European and Asian clients.


Saint Petersburg is considered as the most tolerant and open Russian city. We were the first to launch the gay surrogacy program in Russia right here. We are well aware that LGBT couples and single individuals face unique problems when trying to become a parent. Our experienced consultants do their best to help you at every step of your way to become a parent. In fact, 50% of our intended parents are same-sex couples who want to be biologically related to their child and surrogacy is the best way for them to create a family.

Our coordinators are always there to help you to cope with all the aspects of surrogacy program from choosing an egg donor, a surrogacy mother, a clinic to the day of the delivery and weeks after.

Our mission is to make your journey smooth and successful, reduce stress and anxiety inevitably faced by all the parties and try to make this experience positive and useful for everyone. Our team always maintains close contact with each of intended parents and we ensure that every program element is matched to specific needs of the intended parents, the surrogate mother and the egg donor.

The surrogacy in Russia is legal for both single women and single men. The Russian Constitution guarantees equality of the rights of future parents. However, a birth certificate with a dash in the space for ‘mother’ can be obtained by a single man in court.

 The attorneys of VitroBaby have a lot of experience with reproductive rights and they will represent your interests until all the necessary documents for your return home with your baby are ready.

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The Russian legislation on FIV and surrogacy motherhood is one of the most liberal in the world. Russia is an ideal country for surrogacy programs because of the high-level medicine at European level and the currency. We have worked with intended parents from more than 15 countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and China.

Intended parents living abroad have a lot of doubts and they need more confidence and trust. We proud of communication, guidance and support that we provide so the international intended parents feel comfortable and they are fully aware of every stage of the surrogacy motherhood.

International coordinators fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese are part of our team. We can help with translators of other languages who will be available for telephone and Skype calls and meetings.

We invite you to get in touch with us to know more about our program and get a free initial consultation with the coordinator, attorney or doctor